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Volto Urbano
3 min
12 May
Guide to the Volto Urbano Skin Care Formula Antioxidants
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How do topical antioxidants make a difference to our skin health? According to the deep catalog of scientific research we've reviewed1, various families of antioxidants protect us and stimulate skin's healing processes in a variety of ways. More importantly, the research also highlights the overall performance advantages of antioxidant blends over any single antioxidant. Below, we present an easy to read summary of the various antioxidant families in our skin care line:

Vitamin C

  • Naturally occurs in our bodies and helps to regenerate another naturally occurring antioxidant: Vitamin E.
  • Typically sourced from fruits and vegetables.
  • Helps the skin by:
    • Neutralizing free radicals - the damaging molecules produced through exposure to irritants like sunlight,
    • Reducing pigment darkening,
    • Assisting with collagen generation, and
    • Protecting the skin barrier.
  • Can be found in our:

Vitamin E

Vitamin A

  • Most commonly found in our bodies as carotenoids and retinoids.  Vitamin A  is an effective anti-aging and therapeutic ingredient.
  • Typically sourced from colored fruits and vegetables.
  • Helps the skin:
    • Carotenoids stop lipid peroxidation - a process by which free radicals damage cells - and skin damage from sunlight and blue light.
    • Retinoids increase collagen production and skin barrier protection.
      • Retinyl palmitate, a form of vitamin A, should be avoided because it can lead to skin damage from sunlight and blue light2
  • Only carotenoids can be found in our:

Amino Acids (Ergothioniene)

  • Ergothioniene is one of the most effective naturally occurring amino acids in our skin's antioxidant defense system. 
  • Typically sourced from specialty mushrooms, black & red beans, oat bran and some meats (we do not use animal products)
  • Helps the skin by:
    • Erasing free radicals, and
    • Preventing skin damage. 
  • Can be found in our:

    Polyphenols (Plant Extracts)

    We source a broad spectrum of these antioxidant families to maximize our products' effectiveness. With more and more of these irritants hitting our faces everyday, we believe a rich selection of antioxidants forms a critical part of an effective skin care regimen.

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