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Volto Urbano
3 min
12 May
Fragrance and Skin Care Products - Our Perspective
Maskne Solutions
Face Cream | $60.00
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Should skin care products smell? How does it affect the experience? Is there one solution for everyone?

Adding Fragrance to Skin Care Products

We find there are several reasons to add them:

  • Sometimes, a great fragrance is the natural byproduct of an active ingredient;
  • Some products, on the other hand, smell far less than pleasant without something to mask the odor; and 
  • Smells matter to people.
Typically, skin care companies look to enhance those pleasant smells and mask the offending ones. When that masking works, all is good. When it doesn't, it's the worst of both worlds because what we smell affects our mood.


How Fragrance Affects the Experience

Our noses are powerful sensory instruments and what we smell affects how we feel. For example, think about the difference between being in a highly trafficked public restroom and being in a massage room at a nice spa - those sharp overpowering bathroom smells send us fleeing while the pleasant spa ones are soothing and relaxing.

To us, a thoughtful approach to fragrance adds to the overall experience like those nice spa fragrances because it signals us to breathe and enjoy our face pampering experience.

Our fragrance typically comes from highly purified essential oils that are either effective active ingredients or are there to enhance the overall experience. We carefully source our oils to avoid skin sensitivity and reactions for most skin types and if a fragrance doesn't have a positive purpose in our formula, it doesn't go in. 

If you've tried our products, you may have noticed that most have faint scents meant to sit in the background and each has it's own particular aroma. All our products easily mix together because we've chosen our scents to work in harmony just as our ingredients work with your skin.

There Is No Single Solution

People come in so many varieties and our skin can be almost as individual as our personalities. We find that for the vast majority of people, a thoughtful fragrance program adds to the overall skin care experience by reinforcing the idea we are taking great care of our faces.

We really like the way our products work in that way and we also realize there are groups of people whose skin cannot tolerate any level of fragrance. For that audience, we are testing fragrance-free formulas and will announce that new line when we feel it meets our exacting performance and experience standards.

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