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Volto Urbano
3 min
12 May
A Skin-care Newbie's Journey Vol. 2 - Ugh! More Grooming Steps? Really?
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As you may already know from Vol.1, I am a VU co-founder and still finding my way through the skin care jungle like most modern men who see there is a real benefit and are lost about how to do it well.

One trick I've uncovered is establishing a sustainable balance between my desire for healthy looking skin and my inherent laziness when it comes to "extra" grooming steps. I write "extra" because growing up, I wasn't exposed to the idea that I needed anything beyond my razor, shaving cream, a bar of soap and a towel to care for my face. And honestly, I didn't bother with the towel all that often because that's what my t-shirt was for - I'm that guy.

To me, serious skin care seemed as impenetrable as Astro Physics. For all I knew, they were the same thing because they share Latin names and strange sounding botanicals (at least I think they do). 

After fussing around for a couple of weeks, it finally sunk in that I needed to integrate just a few simple steps neatly into my daily routine rather than looking at my skin care regimen as an unapproachable wall requiring special attention and extra time. In the end, it became really easy and here it is:

  • After shaving, I cleanse twice:
    • I use our Cleansing Oil followed by our thorough and gentle Cleansing Foam.
    • It sets everything else up for success.
    • Takes about a minute to do.
  • Then I brush my teeth, swish my mouthwash and take my shower.
  • After the shower, I spray on some toner:
  • Next, I apply a couple of serums:
  • Finally, I apply some moisturizer:

Boom, less than 2 minutes extra grooming time in a way that doesn't interfere with the rest of my delicate shaving, showering and oral care ecosystem. 

Today, my skin care regimen actually fits my little world and I feel rewarded because I can tell the difference:

With my combo-oily skin, my nose used to be a rich breeding ground for blackheads, and I confess I took a dark pleasure in harvesting those crops from time to time. Today, that same blackhead field lays barren, lacking the oil and grime it needed to feed those tiny eruptions.

And I've realized an unforeseen meaningful benefit:

My glasses stay on my nose far better without the oil slicks on which they used to so annoyingly slide and shift.

This skin care stuff comes in handy - even for guys like me who are pretty much skincare clueless.

Lela Kelly designed my regimen for me and now everyone can get a painless and personalized skin care regimen by taking our 6-question quiz. We'll recommend both a simple and an advanced regimen you can further customize and save - and you can recall that custom regimen anytime to place new orders with a single click.

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