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Volto Urbano
3 min
12 May
A Toner That Fights Pollution & Refreshes On The Go

As we move through the day, our faces brave those ever-present environmental aggressors. When we need a re-balancing pick-me-up or find ourselves in an unhealthy atmosphere, we want something to:

  • Instantly blow away ozone and pollution with a misting spray;
  • Restore our skins' pH balance;
  • Revive and set makeup; and
  • Refresh for hours at a time.

That's why we packed our Antioxidant Balancing Mist with enough variety and power to meet your needs by blending:

  • Ergothioneine, an amino acid antioxidant providing powerful protection against free radicals while reviving skin radiance;
  • Green Tea Leaf Extract, a polyphenol antioxidant helping to prevent dryness, irritation and surface aging;
  • Butterfly Bush Extract, a plant extract featuring specialized photoprotective, antioxidant, and anti-inflammatory properties;
  • Fumaria Officialis (Fumitory) and Citrus Limon (Lemon) Fruit Extract, polyphenol plant extracts protecting skin from ozone damage, smog and plane cabins; and
  • Vitamins C & E liposomal antioxidants protecting the skin’s barrier from oxidation and dryness.

We include free a VU travel spray bottle with every order.

Face Cream | $60.00
Urban Defense Gel | $80.00
Antioxidant Balancing Mist | $45.00
Moisturizing Blue Oil | $60.00
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